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Re: i18n second stage...


I will not make a new flamework with you or any other debian developer.
You make a big and good job Anthony! But I must put some comments on
your statements. 

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 11:30:59PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 06:50:30AM +0200, Michael Bramer wrote:
> > Only may request: it is to late for a translated 2. install stage, it is
> > to late for a apt-i18n, it is to late for a 'select ddtp-source in the
> > b-f', it is to late for a ...
> No, it's not "too late" for apt-i18n, apt-i18n is screwed in other
> ways. You need to actually *WORK WITH* Jason to get the changes acceptable
> to be merged into apt, or for it to be clear that a separate package is
> the right way to go.

First: I don't write apt-i18n. 

Second: apt-i18n is a normal apt with translated text output (like
  'Unable to lock the administration directory'). The patch is nice and
  clean. The patch has some translation (I don't know the number now)
  and is very usefull for some non-english user.
  Jason don't like the patch. This is not a problem. The problme is the
  ftp master.

  A debian package maintainer don't need some reasons for a new package.
  If the package is free and someone make the work, the ftp master(s)
  should include the package on the debian ftp server. 

> Similarly for the ddtp nonsense, you need to rewrite the piece of junk so
> that we don't have to worry about it overloading a dual 900MHz UltraSparc
> with 1.5GB of memory.

shut up !

first: ddtp is no nonsense! It is very usefull und this debian sub
  project is running. We have >26.000 translations in the ddtp database.
  (see http://ddtp.debian.org/new/pdesc/gnuplot/ddts-stat.png)
  Also this translations are up-to-date. If some maintainer change the
  english description, the server will send mails to the translator...

  On a normal system you will get >80% translated descriptions for
  german. And this all in only one year...
  With only 2600 extra translation to german we have translate all
  package descriptions from sid/main!

second: The ddtp-server don't overloading a dual 900MHz UltraSparc. 
  Yes, we had a problem in the past. But this was a mail loop. Sorry
  about this. 
  The ddtp server will have bugs but it make no generell problems. The
  server get/send >1000 Mails per day (without mail loops) to >300
  translators/maintainers/reviewers/... without big problemes. 

> Just going off on your own and deciding "hey, no one else cares about
> i18n, therefore I can just do whatever I want and it doesn't matter how
> this affects anyone else, and anyone who disagrees is obviously one step
> away from being a racist anyway" isn't helpful.

No. A lot of people work on i18n of debian. But some people (maybe not
you) inhibited silly, simple work. And this silly, simple work make a
lot of improvments for the non english speaking user. 

Maybe woody is not the best debian release. And the potato boot floppies
are better in some i18n aspects. But we should release woody and start
with a better release after this.

gluck.d.o (aka ddtp) is down. Know someone the problem?

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