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Re: Post-woody

* Joey Hess 

| Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
| > | As you may or may not know, I will no longer have a "position of
| > | responsibility" in the installation system after Woody.  Joey Hess has
| > | volunteer for this position, or at least he did about 18 months ago.
| > | I assume he's still for it -- hopefully the folks on this list agree
| > | with that.
| > 
| > Joey has offered me the position of technical lead on d-i, since he
| > has too many other things taking up his time, and I have said yes.
| > Assuming that nobody has any big objections, that is.
| I think that Tollef has been doing a great job already lately, and it's
| only fair that he should be saddled with it officially. :-) I will
| continue to participate with d-i of course, especially in helping with
| design issues and the parts I am the maintainer of.

Thanks. :)


| It feels to me like a recipe for putting us in exactly the position
| we're in now, a year or however long later, once sarge has released. We
| have to work on d-i *sometime*, and now is clearly the time.

I feel that way as well, if we don't do it now, then when?

| Of course I share aph's worries, particularly when all the architectures
| are taken into account.

absolutely.  I have no idea what the problems we'll see on those archs
which are very unlike PCs, like s/390.  Feedback about possible
problems would be appreciated.

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