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Re: [d-i]: cdebconf, persistency, rfc822db et al

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> | X_LOADTEMLATEFILE /var/lib/dpkg/info/newpkg.templates
> Maybe this is ok, so the running cdebconf should load the templates
> instead of dpkg-loadtemplate?

That's the idea yeah. I don't know cdebconf internals that well, I hope
it's a reasonable idea.

> | Another option would be to make cdebconf get restarted in this
> | circumstance and load the templates while it is down.
> the call tree here is something like
> init -> /sbin/debian-installer -> debconf -> main-menu -> anna ->
> udpkg -> debconf-loadtemplate
> debconf-loadtemplate then needs to talk to debconf (can be done via
> stdin/stdout communication, debconf protocol) and tell it to load
> templates from a file.  Restarting debconf would be cumbersome, I
> think.  debconf-loadtemplate will just have to be extended to see if
> debconf is running by looking at DEBCONF_REDIR and using the
> appropriate command if it is running.
> Does this look sane?

Hmm, now that's a wrinkle I'd not thought of. Yes, it's slighlty
hackish, but seems sane for d-i.

see shy jo

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