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Re: [d-i]: cdebconf, persistency, rfc822db et al

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> I am working on a rfc822/debconf compatible backend for cdebconf. 

Hm, I had meant to write a dbdriver for debconf that supported cdebconf
style database files, never quite got around to it.

> - add a method to debconf saying «reload your db, I have changed
>   stuff underneat your feet».  This is ugly and suddenly the
>   application using debconf needs to know about this stuff.
> - add the ugly hack I mentioned, cluttering the distinction between
>   set and save.
> - add some sort of a semaphore file or something which means that the
>   questions/templates will be reloaded.
> - something entirely else.

FWIW, debconf flocks its database, and so one can't run
debconf-loadtemplate while another debconf instance is running. But we
need some way for d-i for cdebconf to load up newly available templates.
All right -- what about adding a command to the debconf protocol that
loads a templates file? This problem is probably unique to d-i so it
might only be added to cdebconf. Something like:

X_LOADTEMLATEFILE /var/lib/dpkg/info/newpkg.templates

Another option would be to make cdebconf get restarted in this
circumstance and load the templates while it is down.

see shy jo

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