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I have 3 CD's from Penguin Power to install Debian 2.2.


I wish to install Debian on an older machine to get the feel of it before I install it on a machine I am currently building. This is a "project" computer, so I have no partition issues, Debian can erase the HDD.


The older machine is a P133, 3G HDD, 40 M RAM, which I have successfully installed Red Hat & Corel Linux.


This machine will not boot from CD. I have managed to make the first installation floppy disk.


When I turn the machine on the "Welcome to Debian" screen appears, and instructs me to press 'enter'.


Loading Linux.....

Uncompressing Linux......

Then a bunch of information about the machine.


Then "VFS: Insert root floppy disk to be loaded into RAM disk and press ENTER"


This is where I'm stuck.

I have not been able to figure out how to make the root FD. And believe me I have spent many many many hours trying to figure it out on the Debian main page. This is my last hope before giving up, and using RH.


Can you tell me how to make a root FD, that is appropriate for this machine and kernel- image-2.2.17_2.2.17pre6-1? And if I need another floppy after the root... please tell me how to make that also.


Or how to force the machine to boot from CD, or how to install Debain... after booting in RH... or any other method that would allow me to install Debian on this machine.


Gary Largess

Tipton, Iowa

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