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Re: Severe limitation with flavor "bf2.4" !

Le Fri, May 17, 2002 at 11:35:36AM +0200, Eduard Bloch écrivait:
> Since I favorite the idea of a real network-based installation.
> Currently, there are drivers for very common PCI ethernet cards builtin,
> so you can theoreticaly install with 2 floppies from the network. And
> with an additional one using ADSL (pppoe).

We really shouldn't mix the kernel we use for CD based install
and floppy based install... when we boot on a CD, we have access
to all the modules and we don't need to integrate it in the kernel.

That's what I expect when I boot a CD. Now, using modconf with a bf2.4
kernel makes you think that some modules are missing when they are not.

And as you noted, we'd better use that space for weird SCSI controllers
required to boot ... anyway that change is not urgent. But in the long
term, we should avoid to create such "strangeness" for CD based installation
just because of possible floppy based installs. Better create a separate
set/flavor for floppy installs ...

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