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Re: Severe limitation with flavor "bf2.4" !

* Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> [2002-05-17 09:46 +0000]:
> Hi,
> I was discussing with someone who wanted to install Debian with the
> netinst CD prepared by Chris Lawrence. Like most of the people who are
> given the choice, he decided to use the "bf2.4" flavor ...
> Unfortunately this flavor doesn't have the ne2k-pci module ! Such network
> cards are so common that I can't understand how it can have been
> kept out of this flavor. And why in hell don't we have all possible
> modules for network cards in that flavor ?

Maybe because such network cards are so common that support for them
has been compiled into the kernel? :-]

I don't know if there were changes since then, but a few days ago I
installed Debian with "bf2.4" floppies on a computer with a RTL-8029 card,
and it was detected at boot time, so I had no need for a module.

> Do we have size limits for the modules we integrate ? I don't think so
> ... so please stop annoying 90% people with missing modules for the 0.5%
> of people who will have to do floppy based installs ...

Any source for the statistics? :-)

Best regards
                  J Esteves

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