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Bug#147232: boot-floppies: rootfs not unmounted cleanly

#include <hallo.h>
Chris Tillman wrote on Thu May 16, 2002 um 08:13:15PM:

> I don't think we ever really determined what caused this. I was seeing
> umount stubbornly refusing to umount once a target had been mounted
> twice in the installer. Eduard put in a new losetup but I'm not sure
> if he ever tested to see if there were stil zombies roaming around
> after that (and whether that's actually related to this or not).

I did extensively and the syptoms are gone, at least on i386.

> > Anyway I just tried again (rescue disk, then immediately choose
> > 'Reboot the System') and this time /dev/hdb2 was unmounted cleanly, no
> > fsck'ing problem.  That is, the problem isn't easily reproducable.
> Try mount, unmount, remount, and see if it happens then.

And send a list of running tasks and mounted systems before rebooting!

ps aux
cat /proc/mounts

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