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Re: Debian-installer : is there a leader or a plan ?

* thomas poindessous 

| I was working on partkit, for detecting harddrives with discover, when I
| read autopartkit code. It does all I wanted to do. Good.
| But I feel there is something weird in current debian-installer. There is a
| lot of tools, which are unfinished, and a lot of them do almost the same
| thing. It's quite frustating to work on a project and then learn that
| it's not used anymore (kdetect for example).
| Maybe a plan or a leader is needed.

Joey Hess is supposed to lead the work.  I am the only one hacking on
the code atm (and I have seen your patches, but I haven't had time to
check and apply them, they are in my queue, but I have exams. :)

| For the moment, I have seen those problems :
| * libd-i is not used/released, but some tools are using a copy of its
| functions : ddetect, netcfg

true, so we should upload libd-i and remove those functions from
ddetect and netcfg.

Maintainer: David Whedon <dwhedon@debian.org> is from libd-i's control
file.  David, I assume you don't mind people hacking your code and NMU-ing?

| * kdetect is dead, discover already does all that is needed.
| * lmod-detect-pci is dead too. discover is there.
| * autopartkit and parkit should share some code
| * select-device should use libdiscover or should be drop, since autopartkit
| re-implements it with parted.
| Sorry, if all of this is already known, but for me, I'm needing a good doc
| which explains which tool does what, and for developpers, what library I
| can use and which parts of tools need to be shared.

There is no good documentation, if you write something up, I'd be
_very_ glad. :)

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