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Re: "Invalid Release file, no main components"

* "Chris Tillman" 

| I also got this same message as I was just starting the
| boot-floppies build.  debootstrap must be smokin' somethin', here's
| the file it renamed as 'malformed'. This file had just been
| retrieved from http.us.debian.org, and sure looks like it has main
| stuff.
| BTW, I had just finished dist-upgrade and installing all the build
| dependencies for boot-floppies, so my system is right up to date,
| latest libc6 etc.
| Origin: Debian
| Label: Debian
| Suite: testing
| Codename: woody
| Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 19:47:47 UTC
| Architectures:             
| Components:   

As you can see -- no components.  This is fixed on auric now, iirc.

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