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Re: Best way to use base-config_1.33.18?


The easiest way to deal with the base-config problem is to put
base-config 1.33.18 on a floppy disk and when it comes time to reboot
after the initial install:

1. Type "linux single" at the lilo prompt.
2. mount /floppy
3. dpkg -i /floppy/base-config_1.33.18_all.deb
4. umount /floppy
5. exit

That's all there is to it. When you exit from single user mode the
install will continue. And your install will never run the broken
package (I don't think it's good practice to let a clearly broken
package run in the first place). It's just a tiny bit more work than a
standard install (the idea was posted on a Debian mailing list--IIRC by
Joey Hess).

Still I'm disappointed that this clearly necessary fix has been allowed
to persist in the pre-release version of woody for so long:

It's still 1.33.17!


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