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Re: Best way to use base-config_1.33.18?

  Thanks for all the advice. I'll try J Esteves' idea.

  I had thought of Chris Tillman's suggestion to add a new source
  using apt, but since I'm working off a local mirror (16 installs
  to do)

  1) I don't really want to rsync unstable as well
  2) I had thought that since apt kicks in only *after* the timezone
     configuration that would not be viable.

  After a bit of thought I guess I can bypass the default installation order
  and edit the apt sources early on to include a directory with base-config_1.3.3.18
  on my local mirror, and hope that base-config picks up the existence of the
  newer version, right?

  Obviously, with 16 machines on which to install woody, I'm looking for the
  laziest way to do this!

  Thanks again.

  As for the problem with the Toshiba Satellite, I'll try a separate email
  since it really is a separate bug.


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