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Re: Best way to use base-config_1.33.18?

* John H. Robinson, IV <jhriv@ucsd.edu> [2002-05-09 22:47 +0000]:
> On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 07:34:30PM -0300, Jim Skea wrote:
> > 
> >   I'm posting this to debian-boot since it seems where most of the
> >   discussion on the base-config problem is gong on.
> my question, for those with base-config 1.33.17, and no easy way to
> upgrade it, what is the workaround?
What I've been doing is:

- Make an ext2 file system on a floppy, and copy 1.33.18 to it;
- start installation as usual;
- anwswer the questions on time zone and shadow passwords;
- when it starts looping, I do  "telinit 1" on other console,
  and in single-user mode I mount the floppy and install 1.33.18 with
  "dpkg -i";
- and then just reboot.

When dselect starts, I don't let install anything, since it will try
to get stuff from stable (potato).  I simply edit
/etc/apt/sources.list (replacing "stable" with "testing") and then
restart dselect.

Best regards
                       J Esteves

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