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Re: mounting root over nfs

> I am using vanilla bootdisks, with rescue.bin and
> root.bin from 01-apr-2002 03:17. I am trying to mount
> root over NFS.
> Should this not be working? Am I doing something
> terribly wrong?

I am going to answer myself here. I had to pre-load
sunrpc.o, lockd.o and nfs.o, in that order. I could not
find this mentioned anywhere in the Debian install
manual, maybe this should be added.

Anyway, this got me further along the road. Only now,
when the install tries to install the rescue floppy, it
crashes and burns.

"Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual
address d85f71f8"  (bla bla bla process: zcat)

I didnt have any way of cutting and pasting the oops,
sorry. I might add that the box has 16mb ram, and no
configued swap.

John Bäckstrand

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