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mounting root over nfs

I am using vanilla bootdisks, with rescue.bin and
root.bin from 01-apr-2002 03:17. I am trying to mount
root over NFS.

I have one diskless 486 with a floppydrive. I am
booting the rescue.bin and loading root.bin, with no

First of all, modProbe gives me "modprobe: Can't open
depencies file /lib/modules/2.2.20/modules.dep (no such
file or directory)".

I can set up my keyboard alright. I can also pre-load
my 3c509.o from /boot on a floppy, and my card is
detected, I can also ping the machine. Now the
installation program say: "No hard disk drives could be
found and the network is configured. Please select
"Next" to mount the root filesystem via NFS. Select
"Alternate" instead if you need to load essential
modules from floppy to make the hard disk drives
visible." I choose Next, and a dialog flashes up, but
immediately disappears. I can barely see what it says:
"The installation program is determining the current
state of your system and the next installation step
that should be performed". It immediately disappears,
and the message from modprobe is repeated, and I am
thrown back to the same prompt again.

I have tried to manually mount the nfs-share to
/target, but that gives me "Mounting on /target failed: No such
device". The logs on the server says that "May  6
17:01:30 slask rpc.mountd: authenticated mount request
from leo:904 for /home/sandos/leo (/home/sandos/leo)".

Should this not be working? Am I doing something
terribly wrong?

John Bäckstrand

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