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Why is there a prompt for a root shell when the default linux kernel boots?

	Culd someone explain why is there a root shell prompt for the
Linux kernel:

"Press ENTER to obtain a shell" (waits 5 seconds)

	This seems something related to the cramfs filesystem (ramdisk)
but I'm not knowledgeable about it. I would like:

1.- an explanation on why this is shipped by default (to add it to the
"Securing Debian Manual" 

2.- someone to step up an explain how to disable this behavior

IMHO the boot-floppies kernel should not ship with this option enabled
(whatever this is for). I was quite surprised when I saw this but a user
has just mailed me asking for an answer on why does Debian woody ships
with this.


("Securing Debian Manual" editor/author FYI)

PS: I have been unable to find any reference on this in the debian mailing

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