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Re: Installing Woody in a I2O controller

#include <hallo.h>
Fabio Brito wrote on Sat Apr 27, 2002 um 03:02:20PM:

> When asked to load some modules from floppy, i loaded the scsi_mod, sd_mod, 
> i2o_pci, i2o_core and i2o_block, in this order and... WOW!!! The kernel 
> didn't panic, and the controller and the volume were valid devices now.

The normal bf2.4 installation kernel should have support for i2o_scsi.
Did you try it?

> I've created the /dev/i2o tree with mknod (/dev/i2o/hda, major number 80, 
> minor 0, and it's all partitions /dev/i2o/hdan with major 80 and minor n).

Oh, I was not aware that additional device files are needed. I think it
should be easy to extend dbootstrap (and libfdisk) to look for these
devices, same way as it was done for ida, cciss and ataraid before.

> Then i did a fdisk -l /dev/i2o/hda and i saw my partion table. The i pressed 
> CONTROL+F1 to come back to the installer, but it said: "There is no valid 
> disks in system".

Yes. Would you like to play a beta tester?

> Can somebody help me to install woody in this system?

Go to the second console, partition, then mount future root on /target/.
Return to the installer and continue with the kernel&modules
installation step.

'Und dann muß man den Computer herunterladen, sonst stürzt er ab.'
                                                 (Harald Schmidt)

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