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Installing Woody in a I2O controller


First, i want inform you that i'm not a native english speaker and my english 
e very poor. Sorry by any mistake. :)

Well, recently the company i work bought a new server. It's a dual P4 Xeon 
1.6Ghz with 2GB of RAM. The disk subsystem is controled by an Intel Server 
RAID Controller U3-1L Low Profile (SRCU31L).

I want install Debian on this system. When i was playing around with it, I 
discovered some cool things. It's a I2O compatible controller, then i 
searched how to boot a custom kernel with the debian installer.

I did everything all right, but the system gave me a "Kernel Panic", just 
afer show informations about the I2O controller and it's volume.

I researched some more, and at Intel's web site, i found some useful 
information, and i have discovered that them only support Red Hat 

I decided to install RH to try to figure out what happens in it's 
installation. It worked perfectly (except by the fact it wasn't Debian). Then 
i've started compilation of some kernels. I've discovered that the SCSI and 
the I2O subsystem must be built as modules, not built-in the kernel, and the 
kernel must have the MTRR enabled.

After that, i created my rescue/root/modules woody's floppies set, and try to 
install Debian on the system.

When asked to load some modules from floppy, i loaded the scsi_mod, sd_mod, 
i2o_pci, i2o_core and i2o_block, in this order and... WOW!!! The kernel 
didn't panic, and the controller and the volume were valid devices now.

I've created the /dev/i2o tree with mknod (/dev/i2o/hda, major number 80, 
minor 0, and it's all partitions /dev/i2o/hdan with major 80 and minor n).

Then i did a fdisk -l /dev/i2o/hda and i saw my partion table. The i pressed 
CONTROL+F1 to come back to the installer, but it said: "There is no valid 
disks in system".

Can somebody help me to install woody in this system?

PS: I'm writing a documment (in Portuguese), telling my experience with this 

Thank you.

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