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Bug#143151: boot-floppies: should detect 'Linux raid autodetect' as 'Linux native'

severity 143151 normal
retitle 143151 dbootstrap should consider other linux partition types as target
type (Linux raid autodetect: 0xfd, Linux LVM: 0x8e)
tags 143151 - wontfix
tags 143151 + help

please Eduard be more constructive

> > > Of course, it is intended to work on pure Linux partitions or
> > > working alternatives.

You got it: '(...) or working alternatives (...)'.
I'm only writing about 'Linux raid autodetect' and 'Linux LVM'.

Instead of having to switch to tty2, then set the partiion type to Linux native,
then reboot the installation process, then 'Initialize partition', then switch
to tty2 again, then change the typeback to the orginal one, an go on with the
installation, so why not instead extend a simple check to accept also these
partition types?
:) -> pls note that I am trying to enhance stuff. Am I asking impossible things
(this question is because of the 'tags + wontfix' you added).

...or even a 'No Linux native (0x83) partition types detected' message could be
better than the current behavior IMHO (=empty list).

> > Yesterday I realized that 'Linux LVM' (0x8e) should also be part of
> the 'compatible' partition types.
> WHY do you think so? These types mark partitions that SHOULD be used
> with SPECIAL drivers.

Not 'Linux raid autodetect' and 'Linux LVM'.
I know what i am talking about, since I am just installing Debian HA clusters
using Raid0+DRBD+LVM. ;) I can just change the partition type between the above
mentioned values without affecting the Debian OS on top of them (woody).

> > > what you are on doing. If you want to install on a Raid system, you
> > > should use a flavor with md-supporting kernel.
> > 
> > Why do you _want to know_ why I need this only to install a Debian
> > system to an arbitrary disk layout? :)
> Count the existing partition types. Should we check all of them and
> offer to put a Linux partition on them? Please be realistic. Even if,
> Woody is to be released soon, nobody will add these "feature".

No, we should not. Only 0xfd and 0x8e.
I am.
I hope they will. I am going to try to look into it if no-one else will and
maybe send a patch...
Pff... I wish I knew C.

> > If you think it is an important question, why not ask it during the
> > installation from dbootstrap, or show a warning message that the
> > partition types should be set to 'Linux native' in order for the
> > installation proces to workas desired.
> Since you CAN CHANGE the partition type to Linux if you want to make
> dbootstrap recognise them. LVM and RAID partitions have different types
> for a good reason.

Yes, and that's why it is counter-productive to change the types just for the
sake of installing Debian woody on them and then change it back.

Best regards,


János Holányi
Association of Hungarian Linux Users
Email: csani@lme.linux.hu

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