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Bug#143151: boot-floppies: should detect 'Linux raid autodetect' as 'Linux native'

severity 143151 minor
tags 143151 + moreinfo

> I set the type of all of my partitions to 0xfd ('Linux raid autodetect'),
> but then dbootstrap wouldn't allow me to format the partition to either
> ext2 or ext3, saying that no Linux partitions were detected.

Of course, it is intended to work on pure Linux partitions or
working alternatives.

> Setting back the partition types to to 0x83 ('Linux native') works fine,
> but I'd need 0xfd.

Why do you _need_ this? If you change the partition type, you must know
what you are on doing. If you want to install on a Raid system, you
should use a flavor with md-supporting kernel.

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