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Bug#143151: boot-floppies: should detect 'Linux raid autodetect' as 'Linux native'

severity 143151 wishlist
retitle 143151 dbootstrap should consider non-linux partitions as target type
tags 143151 - woody
tags 143151 + wontfix

> > Of course, it is intended to work on pure Linux partitions or
> > working alternatives.
> Yesterday I realized that 'Linux LVM' (0x8e) should also be part of the
> 'compatible' partition types.

WHY do you think so? These types mark partitions that SHOULD be used
with SPECIAL drivers.

> > what you are on doing. If you want to install on a Raid system, you
> > should use a flavor with md-supporting kernel.
> Why do you _want to know_ why I need this only to install a Debian
> system to an arbitrary disk layout? :)

Count the existing partition types. Should we check all of them and
offer to put a Linux partition on them? Please be realistic. Even if,
Woody is to be released soon, nobody will add these "feature".

> If you think it is an important question, why not ask it during the
> installation from dbootstrap, or show a warning message that the
> partition types should be set to 'Linux native' in order for the
> installation proces to workas desired.

Since you CAN CHANGE the partition type to Linux if you want to make
dbootstrap recognise them. LVM and RAID partitions have different types
for a good reason.

> AK-Mail benötigt ein installiertes PGP, mutt ein installiertes PGP
Na und? mutt braucht sogar noch einen installierten Editor ;-)
(Thomas Köhler in dcs)

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