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Re: some initialization failures

On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 09:04:49PM -0400, Santos Rogers wrote:
> hello,
> I am having trouble installing Debian onto a Powermac 6500.  I have BootX 
> 1.2.2 though it may not be all configured properly.  If I could be offered 
> some advice as to how to run an installation( i.e. what files are needed 
> where) for either the floppy or seperate partition methods, I would greatly 
> appreciate it.
> Some hardware info I have:
> Processor:   PowerPC 603ev 225 Mhz
> RAM:  64 MB
> Partitioning:  24 MB + 72 MB + 700 MB + 2200 MB
> Filesystem:  HFS
> Existing OS:  Mac OS 8.5
> Linux boot:  BootX 1.2.2
> Please help me make a list of files I'll need to install the basic system 
> so that I may add packages as they are needed later on.

The link for the install manual is in my .sig for woody. We've worked
hard on putting everything you need there and making it accurate; for
us to repeat it here just risks making mistakes and being sloppy, as
well as wasting time.

If you have specific questions about what's written, or get error
messages when you try to install, please post again.

As far as adding packages after the basic install, that's all handled 
by (your choice) apt-get, aptitude, dselect, and/or tasksel. The manual
introduces you to these tools also.

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