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debian 3.0 powerpc release notes

     I noticed tonight on debian-planet that suggestions are be 
sought for the release notes for different ports of woody. I think
we need a few comments in the powerpc release notes with regard to
the clock situation on dual/triple boot Powermacs. It appears that
while the MacOS saves its localtime to nvram as a constant standard
time, regardless if daylight savings time is effect or not, linux
saves its localtime down as either standard or daylight savings time
depending upon what is in effect. This means that if your set your
dual boot Mac's time in MacOS X and reboot into linux the time in linux
will be one hour low during daylight savings time. Likewise if you
save your time in linux, when you boot into MacOS X the time will
be one hour high. It appears the only viable solution is to enable
the ntp features of linux and MacOS X so that each will correct the
clock at boot. This should be explained in the release notes for
woody on powerpc to keep the traffic down on this issue.

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