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Re: zh_CN.po broken

On Tue, Mar 19, 2002 at 11:03:50AM +0100, Claus Hindsgaul wrote:
> Martin Quinson wrote
> >Oh, yes, please stop. It's now the third time in a row that someone
> >complains about your make update-po...
> I will. I only browse the archives on the web and unfortunately this is
> the first time I have seen any 'update-po' complaints. It was meant as a
> service, nothing else.

Sure. I'm sorry, I was certain you were on the list, and I didn't cc'ed you.

> But I still think that a maintainer (aph?) should make a habit of doing
> it once in a while - but not too often, I've learnt recently :)

one week before each release seem ok to me.

Thanks, Mt.

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