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Re: cvs commit to boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap/po by claush

tir, 2002-03-19 kl. 02:27 skrev Eduard Bloch:
> I did ask the same some days ago. Useless update of all files, creating
> lots of stuff do download and BREAKAGE if someone did edit a PO file to
> the same time. Claush, please say why!

'make update-po' is needed to occasionally syncronize translatable
strings in the .po-files with the source files.

I see now, that the updates has caused some people trouble much against
my intent. I have made *no* such updates after Chriss Tillman drew my
attention to the problem. And of course I will stop doing it in the
future without asking the list.

People hit by problems with updated po files, please accept my apologies
and be adviced that 'msgmerge' is your friend.


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