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Bug#138369: boot-floppies: incorrect keystroke (alt-F4) for debug info given.

On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 01:23:27PM -0500, Scott Eisert wrote:
> There was nothing on the 4th virtual console (alt-F4) except a blinking 
> cursor in the upper left corner of the screen.  On the 3rd virtual console 
> there was info related to packages being downloaded (similar to what I see on 
> an apt-get dist-upgrade for example).  
> If debootstrap doesn't display anything until later I am probably in error.  
> I was looking on the 4th virtual console while packages were being downloaded 
> only.  Confusion arises when the screen says that debug info is on alt-F4 and 
> there is nothing there, while there is output on apt-F3.

I agree it's confusing.  I don't think we should direct users to
other virtual consoles.  If debootstrap has a problem, it should
send dbootstrap a meaningful message to display.

> I can try this again with the disks that I have to see if I can replicate the 
> "bug" if you wish, but I an sure thats where it was. 

Could you please send some examples of what messages you are
seeing from debootstrap on the third virtual console?

> It should also be noted that I was logged in on the 2nd virtual console 
> while the installer was running.

This shouldn't matter.


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