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Bug#131553: missing keyboard selection?

Martin Michlmayr wrote:

> * Rich Johnson <rjohnson@dogstar-interactive.com> [20020205 18:33]:
> > Thanks for the clarification, but it begs the question: How should
> > one install the initial system _before_ being able to rebuild the
> > kernel?
> New installations should come with a proper kernel.  Can you try the
> new boot-floppies (3.0.19, released a few days ago) and try if you see
> the same problem?

I just tried them out and I must say--much improved.  Things ran as

I didn't go through the entire installation because I didn't want to wipe
my disks.  But I was able to select "qwerty/us" and go on to open a
shell.  Previously the installer would stop accepting input after
selection the keyboard layout.

A note here--
"Keyboard" seems to be an overloaded therm. There's:
 - "keyboard"--the physical device, manufacturer, connector, etc--e.g.
apple/mac-ext ADB; apple USB.
 - "keyboard layout"--the positioning of the keys, usually to some
national standard--e.g.  qwerty/us, dvorak/us, qwerty/de

Previous installers asked for _keyboard_ and offered a choice of physical
devices.  The current installer asks for _keyboard_ and offers a list of
national layouts.

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