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Bug#131553: missing keyboard selection?

>Where did the adb (mac-ext) keyboards go?
>Selecting _any_ keyboard from the list prevents further input.

I'm not familiar with the ppc keyboard stuff, but from looking at the
code I guess you should have been offered these four choices:

    { "qwerty/mac-usb-us",      "U.S. English (Apple USB)", 0},
    { "qwerty/us",      "U.S. English (Standard)"     , KBD_C},
    { "azerty/mac-usb-fr",     "France (Apple USB)"      , KBD_fr_FR},
    { "qwertz/mac-usb-de-latin1-nodeadkeys",    "Germany (Apple
USB)"       , KB

Are you saying that none of these are appropriate, or did you get
offered the wrong list of choices?  I can't find any sign of support for
"adb" or "mac-ext" keymaps in dbootstrap.


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