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Bug#131553: missing keyboard selection?

Martin Michlmayr wrote:

> * Phil Blundell <pb@nexus.co.uk> [20020205 11:44]:
> > >Where did the adb (mac-ext) keyboards go?
> > >Selecting _any_ keyboard from the list prevents further input.
> ADB keycodes are no longer supported.  When your kernel sends ADB
> keycodes, console-data will say:
>  Your kernel is configured to have the keyboard send ADB keycodes.  This
>  behaviour is now deprecated and no longer supported by Debian.
>  .

Thanks for the clarification, but it begs the question:
     How should one install the initial system _before_ being able to rebuild
the kernel?

I am currently up and limping.  I used debootstrap to load the base system and
then debootstrap's shell to obtain a benh kernel.  The process was rough and
the machine is not yet sure-footed enough to attempt kernel building.


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