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Re: kernel-2.2.17


> kernel sources.  I found a few things:
> 1.  The kernel on my machine is 2.2.17.
> 2.  The kernel sources are not installed by default (This by itself is OK,
>     but the surprise is:)
> 3.  There is no kernel source package for 2.2.17 on woody!

That's okay, 3.0.18 boot-floppies were created in December, woody now uses 2.2.20.

> Some more weird stuff:
> kernel-patch-2.2.17-pc9800
> kernel-patch-2.2.17-vm-global
> exist in woody, even though there is no kernel source
> for 2.2.17 to patch against ...
That may be a bug.  If the patches are not longer relevent they should
be removed.  If they don't apply to recent kernels they should be
either updated or removed.  In any case the bugs would be filed
against the kernel-patch packages in question.


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