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Re: Installation KO with current boot floppies

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 08:52:49PM +0100, Jean-Paul POZZI wrote:
> I try to install my system with the latest boot-floppies with no success :

Which version of the boot floppies are you using?  3.0.18?

> 1) problem while choosing kernel modules.
> A message complaining about "modconf.sh" beeing not OK ... it seems to
> be present and OK. The message does not "block" the installation process and
> the modules seems to be installed OK.

It would help if you could specify what you were doing when the
error occurred and its exact text.

> 2) Problem to install "basedebs.tgz".
> The installer could not find the basedebs.tgz, even if it was there in
> the right directory. I can't install and had to use the older boot-floppies
> that I had on my harddisk.

Likewise (i.e., where was basedebs.tgz located, what did you tell
the installer to do, etc.).


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