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Installation KO with current boot floppies


I try to install my system with the latest boot-floppies with no success :

1) problem while choosing kernel modules.
A message complaining about "modconf.sh" beeing not OK ... it seems to
be present and OK. The message does not "block" the installation process and
the modules seems to be installed OK.

2) Problem to install "basedebs.tgz".
The installer could not find the basedebs.tgz, even if it was there in
the right directory. I can't install and had to use the older boot-floppies
that I had on my harddisk.


    Jean-Paul Pozzi

\\\          ___________________
 \\\        /
  \\\      /  A2000-060     64M CV3D
   \\\    /   A4000-060 PPC 96M CyberPPC
    \\\  /

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