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Re: Installing on Compaq Servers

On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 12:22:46PM -0500, Loren Jordan wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm not sure if this counts as a bug but here is the information I was able 
> to figure out.  If this should be filed as a bug let me know...

I think so.

> ... stuff I can't help with ...

> I was not able to get the boot-floppies source package to build (yet) so I 
> am not yet able to work up a patch for the dbootstrap program.

What kinds of errors are you getting during the build? Did you do make
check first, and also make distclean if you rebuild? make
distclean seems to be the only way to reset the build after someone
changes a message in dbootstrap.

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