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Re: dhcp NMU or dhcp v3?


Matt Zimmerman and I decided to leave the v2 dhcp* packages alone and
create instead new dhcp3* packages for DHCP v3. So, both v2 and v3
packages will coexist.

I am almost ready to upload new v2 packages which fix lots of bug
(including the ones you want to fix with the NMU.) I announced our plans
on debian-devel last week (Saturday or Sunday.) In the announcement I
asked people to help us test the new dhcp* packages I plan to upload soon.

You would do me a great favor if, instead of NMU'ing, you could test
out these new packages and confirm that they fix the problems I mark as
fixed in the changelog. The location of the test packages is:


Also, take a look at the debian-devel archives to see my announcement
and the current plan.

If you find something wrong you can send me a patch against the source
code of these packages.



On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 10:32:30PM +0100, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Hi,
> although v3 is available in experimental ... did you get answer from
> the boot floppies team, if/when v3 can be uploaded to unstable?
> If not, I offer to upload a NMU which moves the configuration option
> from /etc/init.d/dhcp to /etc/default/dhcp. Fixing #75365 and #121854.
> Thanks, Matthias

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