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Re: bf-3.0.19 status, pending release

Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 02:12:22PM -0500 wrote:
> Ok -- do you guys want me to tag?

There is one choose_medium issue I recently found, it might be an easy
fix (not yet in BTS since I'm not sure if it was user error on my
end).  If we think it is okay to wait until late tonight Pacific time
I'll have a chance to look at it.  It isn't a showstopper if you
want to just tag it now that is fine, current cvs works quite well.

> Source upload?  PowerPC build?
> Let me know.

Whatever you have time for.  I mostly just wanted your 'ok' to release, I'm
happy to handle the details.  If you can do the powerpc build that
would be great since that is something I can't do.

If it isn't tagged this evening I will plan on tagging it, source upload 
and i386 build.


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