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Re: 3.0.18 testing needed

thanks for the report!

We have some work to do.

> Ok, I tried out images-1.44/compact (from the 3.0.18-2001-12-14 dir) and
> here is what I found: 
>  - the language chooser dialog was too wide (as you already mentioned in
>    another email)

I'm not sure how to fix this one.

>  - a white screen flashed one time only just before the language chooser
>    dialog popped up.
I don't think we should worry about this.

>    The same happened when I had to initialize a Linux
>    partition. /dev/hda2 was automatically chosen for me and I was only
>    asked about retaining kernel-2.0 compatibility and about the badblock
>    check.
This is by design, new feature, if the installer sees there is
only one option it doesn't ask the question.

>  - occasionally, the screen would not clear and output from the previous
>    step would be interspersed with output from the currently executing
>    step.
Yes, this is ugly and should be fixed.

>  - When installing driver and kernel modules from a floppy disk
>    (driver-1.bin), I selected to install the net/tlan module as my test
>    system has a TI ThunderLan-based Compaq NIC. After I pressed enter to
>    insert the module, at the bottom of the screen I saw the following
>    message repeated 4 times:
>      /target/usr/sbin/modconf: cannot create : directory nonexistant

perhaps the severity should be increased, it is ugly.

> After selecting English, the release notes appeared and then the "Make
> System bootable" step appeared selected in the list of tasks. Selecting
> it caused the system to loop over and over again and presenting me with
> the language chooser, release notes screen, and "Make System bootable"
> step over and over again. The same restart message appears repeatedly in
> the debug console.



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