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Rebootless install using pivot_root?


S/390 can't reboot the system after the base system has been installed
into /target (because that would mean booting from a different device
than the boot-floppies did and that's not supported by the kernel) so
I'm thinking of just making /target the new root file system and skip
the reboot step.

There is already code in dbootstrap/reboot_system.c to do this with a
patched kernel (see
for details), but can't we do this using pivot_root(2) when root.bin
is mounted as initial RAM disk? This procedure is described in
Documentation/initrd.txt in the kernel sources. I'd like to do it this
way least on S/390 (we are using kernel 2.4), what about the other
architectures? Nobody seems to use the current code in dbootstrap so
I would replace it for all architectures with new code that uses
pivot_root? Any objections?

Stefan Gybas

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