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Bug#123782: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#123782: boot-floppies: dbootstrap's wget should use passive ftp)

On Sat Dec 15, 2001 at 09:55:08AM -0800, Matt Kraai wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 07:38:03PM -0600, Mike Coleman wrote:
> > owner@bugs.debian.org (Debian Bug Tracking System) writes:
> > > Anyhow, it's irrelevant.  Since busybox wget doens't support this
> > > argument, the user's request to use this argument is hereby denied.
> > > :)
> > > 
> > > Bug submitter, if busybox wget is not using ftp in the right way,
> > > please file a bug on busybox, not on the boot-floppies.  Thanks.
> > 
> > Turns out that busybox wget *does* use passive ftp by default, which it
> > should, but that there's a bug in the way it's doing name lookups.
> > (The problem is that it does a second DNS lookup for the PASV connection,
> > which won't necessarily return the same IP for a round-robin DNS situation
> > like ftp.us.debian.org, so the download fails.)
> Indeed.  Thanks for figuring this out.  I've built fixed
> packages[1], if you can use them, and appended the patch.

Good work Matt and Mike.  Applied to CVS.  A new busybox package
is forthcoming,


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