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Re: More feedback

Chris Tillman <tillman@azstarnet.com> writes:

> I tried the new-powermac installer again, and found it can't mount
> hfs disks. I wonder if busybox code is incompatible with the 2.4
> kernel on this, or maybe it was because I was trying an ext3
> install.

Mmm...I built HFS support as a module in that kernel.  Could that have
been the problem?

> I tried hmount from another partition, but it didn't work because of
> the library reduction.

If the h* tools use the kernel HFS support at all, and the module
wasn't loaded, this could have been the problem.  Or do you know for
sure the library reduction busted the h* tools somehow?

> That made me think about the recent suggestions for a small CD-ROM
> iso with the installer system on it, and how that would free us from
> the need to reduce libraries so drastically etc. 

Yeah.  At least for NewWorld PowerMacs, pretty much no one uses

> I'm sure a bigger-than-floppy-size root.bin could be booted straight
> from the hard disk on powermacs; so you wouldn't really even need to
> shoehorn stuff into an iso. Download and go.

Yeah.  But personally, I don't like the assumption that one already
has an operating system on the machine, or that if there is one that
people know how to use it.  Still though, it is generally a practical
assumption to make.

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