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Re: Debian Won't Install! (System Locks Up)

[NOTE: Sorry Chris, I meant for this to go to the list]

On Wednesday 12 December 2001 09:47 pm, Chris Tillman wrote:

> Perhaps, if you're serious about installing without the
> installer, you could dig into archives.debian.org. It's
> just, well I'm a little familiar with the workings of the
> installer, and I'm just familiar enough to know it really
> takes care of a LOT of stuff under the hood. One guy that
> knows something about doing it the 'hard' way would be
> Andrew Korn
> (lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2001/debian-boot-200112/msg

Thanks; I will check this out :-)

> In fact, that's another interesting science project you
> could do, is dive into cvs.debian.org/boot-floppies. The
> one thing you can say about Debian, with complete source
> code, is that if you want to find out how something's
> done, "it's in there".

I like this idea much better, however!  I wasn't sure how 
to go about this, but there's the link--so, who knows?  I 
do wish to learn to program in Linux...

> but it's
> much easier said than done, I fear.

ALWAYS! <sigh!>  ;-)

> Do you have any external drives? You could install using
> another computer on that drive and then hook up the
> drive.

No external drives, but *perhaps* my father would let me 
take my 30-gig drive (the one I'm putting Debian on) and 
plunk it into his system for a spell (his computer's just 
in the next room!)

Thanks for the ideas...I'll wait for the morning to see who 
else responds to my Email to the list, and I'll do some 
exploring then, too.

Thanks again,


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