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Re: Debian Won't Install! (System Locks Up)

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 05:53:41PM -0800, Mark Seven Smith wrote:
> Awhile back, I purchased a book, "Learning Debian 
> GNU/Linux", and was unable to install the version of Debian 
> that came with the book (the CD-ROM that was included in 
> the back of the book).
> So, I then purchased the CD-ROM's for Debian, version 
> "Potato", from a mail-order vendor.  Still had problems.
> In the installation, the install program that comes up is a 
> simple text-based interface, with scrolling lists and such. 
>  But if I try to scroll the lists, the whole computer 
> bombs--it just locks up.  It is very strange; the keyboard 

Just a thought: does it always bomb using the down arrow key? What
about the page-down key? Maybe you can edge around it. Although of
course the reason should be figured out and corrected, somehow.

> So, I just received my CD-ROMs containing WOODY.  However, 
> I STILL CANNOT INSTALL!  What is going on?

I don't think Woody CDs are available yet. I think what people meant
was downloading the Woody installer over the network (links are in the
installation manual (see my sig). The woody installation packages will
amount to about 5M, you configure the network within the installer and
then it downloads the rest of the basic system (~30M) itself. Woody is
not released yet, so if you got Woody CDs they were a pre-release

> If there are alternative ways to install Debian from the 
> CD-ROM (automatic, for instance), then I would like to hear 
> about any & all alternatives; because I figure that once it 
> is installed, the problem will go away--after all, Debian 
> IS simply Linux, and I am using Linux right now!  :-)

The next release (after woody) will have this capability. There is an
experimental version now, I think it's been mentioned on debian-boot.
The problem, and the reason it hasn't been done before now, is that
it's difficult if not impossible to correctly anticipate or detect all
the different kinds of hardware out there in order to make the right
installation choices. Thus far Debian installation has depended
greatly on the computer between the ears to make its job easier.
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