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Bug#123623: boot-floppies: Install from MacOS deserves documentation

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 09:08:25AM -0500, Jerry Quinn wrote:
> Package: boot-floppies
> Version: 3.0.17-2001-11-18
> Severity: wishlist
> Just installed Debian woody on a powermac.  Since the installer didn't
> include the advansys driver (see other bug), I had to use an existing
> kernel I already had.  Between this kernel and the ramdisk.tar.gz and
> BootX, I was able to get the installer running much more easily than
> trying to set up OF booting on OF 1.0.5.
> Please add documentation on this style of setting up the install.  You will
> make a subset of people's lives MUCH easier.  Here's a sample to start with:
> 5.4.4 Boot OldWorld Macs from MacOS
> If you have an OldWorld Mac with an existing MacOS system partition,
> there is a fairly easy approach to booting the Debian installer.
> First download the BootX distribution (available from
> ppclinux.apple.com/~benh among other places).  Within the package,
> there is a directory called 'Linux Kernels'.  Download the Debian
> installer kernel and ramdisk.tar.gz and place them in this directory.
> Now, run the BootX application.  Click on the 'options' button and
> select 'Use specified RAM Disk'.  This will give you the chance to
> choose the ramdisk.tar.gz file.  At this point, you can click the
> 'Linux' button and you should reboot right into the installer.

There was another similar bug filed yesterday. I'll add it in.

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