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Bug#123623: boot-floppies: Install from MacOS deserves documentation

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 3.0.17-2001-11-18
Severity: wishlist

Just installed Debian woody on a powermac.  Since the installer didn't
include the advansys driver (see other bug), I had to use an existing
kernel I already had.  Between this kernel and the ramdisk.tar.gz and
BootX, I was able to get the installer running much more easily than
trying to set up OF booting on OF 1.0.5.

Please add documentation on this style of setting up the install.  You will
make a subset of people's lives MUCH easier.  Here's a sample to start with:

5.4.4 Boot OldWorld Macs from MacOS

If you have an OldWorld Mac with an existing MacOS system partition,
there is a fairly easy approach to booting the Debian installer.

First download the BootX distribution (available from
ppclinux.apple.com/~benh among other places).  Within the package,
there is a directory called 'Linux Kernels'.  Download the Debian
installer kernel and ramdisk.tar.gz and place them in this directory.

Now, run the BootX application.  Click on the 'options' button and
select 'Use specified RAM Disk'.  This will give you the chance to
choose the ramdisk.tar.gz file.  At this point, you can click the
'Linux' button and you should reboot right into the installer.

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: ppc

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