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Re: ppc-cds

On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 12:30:59PM +0100, Frank Escher wrote:
> Hi,
> i?m looking for the people who are making the ppc-cds. I am a german and 
> want contact them, because i want asked them if it is of use to have an 
> install guide with pictures. I own a new toy (Digitalkamera). So i can 
> make from each step the install-routine and write some text in german 
> too beside the pictures, i think it will help to install debian on a 
> ppc. If you think this is not worth or usefull, please let me know. The 
> steps can be made for now on an old-world ppc. The last thing is, i am a 
> beginner someone has to track what i am doing.
> If yes, which type has to be the text, the pictures. I work well on my 
> MacOS, under Debian i still begin to learn the work i do under MacOS.

I think it would be a worthwhile project. I'd be willing to answer
questions offline to keep the list from getting too noisy. I think the
website could use a little flash and pizazz, this could be our
contribution. If they want to put it on the CDs too, more power to
them. I know when I was documenting another program a couple
of years ago, that adding screen shots lent an air of professional
credibility that simply wasn't there before.

Pictures should be converted to png or gif for screen shots and jpg
for photos.

Also, since you are a new user, the questions that come up will point
us to weaknesses in our documentation.

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