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Bug#123388: #123388, boot-floppies: dialog boxes for i18n need to be fixed

>  l[0] = newtLabel(1, height + 2, _("Download URL"));
>  e[0] = newtEntry(14, height + 2, txtbuf, 58, &s[0], NEWT_FLAG_SCROLL);
>  l[1] = newtLabel(1, height + 4, _("Proxy"));
>  e[1] = newtEntry(14, height + 4, nf_state.proxy.hostname, 34, &s[1],
>Maybe some strlen's are in order?

Actually, you need to use strwidth() here.  Plain ol' strlen() will 
the size when multibyte characters are involved.  You probably won't suffer 
too much with French, but it will screw the display up pretty badly with
a language like Japanese or Russian.

>I leave this 'normal' and consider raising it to 'important' because in some
>cases people actually do need to read the labels on the boxes, having them
>chopped off can make the installation difficult.

Agreed.  I think "important" is appropriate.  I'll try to find time to fix this
later if nobody else gets to it first.


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