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Bug#123388: boot-floppies: dialog boxes for i18n need to be fixed

On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 01:29:45AM -0800, David Kimdon wrote:
> dbootstrap dialog boxes don't take translatoins into account.  Specifically the
> nf_select_server() box chops off characters for the French instalation, I'm
> sure it does similar meanness to other languages.  I expect there are other
> boxes with similar English-centered behavior.  Taking a look at the code for
> this one in particular:
>   l[0] = newtLabel(1, height + 2, _("Download URL"));
>   e[0] = newtEntry(14, height + 2, txtbuf, 58, &s[0], NEWT_FLAG_SCROLL);
>   l[1] = newtLabel(1, height + 4, _("Proxy"));
>   e[1] = newtEntry(14, height + 4, nf_state.proxy.hostname, 34, &s[1], NEWT_FLAG_SCROLL);
> Maybe some strlen's are in order?
strlen are not going to work.  They will only work for the one-byte characters,
if everything is converted to UTF-8, something else should be used.


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