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Re: pcmcia breakage (was Re: testing boot floppies 3.0.18)

> I noticed another problem though as I was idly reading
> dbootstrap/pcmcia.c:
> #define PCMCIA_CONF_FILE     "/target/etc/pcmcia.conf"
> In recent pcmcia-cs packages, this has relocated to /etc/default/pcmcia.
> I don't know if pcmcia-cs will notice the old file at all -- doubt it. I
> suspect this breaks installs involving pcmcia so pcmcia does not come up
> after the reboot. Can someone check?

looks okay actually (from pcmcia-cs.preinst) :
if [ -r /etc/pcmcia.conf ]; then
    mv /etc/pcmcia.conf /etc/default/pcmcia


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