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pcmcia breakage (was Re: testing boot floppies 3.0.18)

Jeff Sheinberg wrote:
> Last time I did a complete install, using a slightly older version
> of base-config (current is 1.33, older was 1.xx, I don't know
> exactly which version it was, whatever was in woody/testing just
> prior to 1.33), pcmcia-cs had not been removed by base-config even
> though I had not done anything to "set it up" under boot-floppies.
> Could you have a look at the setting of this $PCMCIA variable?  I
> would have to close down my ppp connection, and then download the
> 30MB of standard packages to be able to test this right now.

I think you're right. base-config checks to see if PCMCIA is set to
"no". Grepping the boot-floppies tree shows that it only ever writes out
PCMCIA=yes to dbootstrap_settings. I guess that if pcmcia is not used it
doesn't write anything about it. This could easily be a more general
problem with base-config and dbootstrap_settings, darn it. I've checked
all the other variables base-config uses and they seem all right. Upload
in incoming.

I noticed another problem though as I was idly reading

#define PCMCIA_CONF_FILE     "/target/etc/pcmcia.conf"

In recent pcmcia-cs packages, this has relocated to /etc/default/pcmcia.
I don't know if pcmcia-cs will notice the old file at all -- doubt it. I
suspect this breaks installs involving pcmcia so pcmcia does not come up
after the reboot. Can someone check?

see shy jo

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