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Re: forget LANG_CHOOSER for 3.0.18 (was Re: 3.0.18 testing)

In message <[🔎] oaelm321xc.fsf_-_@arroz.onshored.com>, Adam Di Carlo writes:
>This seems like a reasonable set of stuff for i18n builds, but it
>causes the segmentation faults.  I got a static strace on the
>rootdisks and this is the strace ending:

Yes, something is _still_ going wrong with libnewt.  I don't understand
what, yet, but I'm looking at it.

I'd expect that libnewt.so on the root disk should be exactly the same as
/usr/lib/libnewt.so on my build system (in absence of library reduction)
yet this is not the case.  And if I copy the one from the host into the
root image, the segfault goes away.


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