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Re: forget LANG_CHOOSER for 3.0.18 (was Re: 3.0.18 testing)

Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> writes:

> Sure? make check complains if libnewt-utf8-pic is installed. If I remove
> it, I get the flashing-screen-syndrome. If it is installed and the build
> done properly, lang-chooser DOES WORK. Weird.
> ii  libnewt-dev    0.50.17-7.3    Developer's toolkit for newt windowing libra
> pn  libnewt-pic    <none>         (no description available)
> pn  libnewt-utf8-0 <none>         (no description available)
> ii  libnewt-utf8-p 0.50.17-7.3    newt shared library subset kit, with utf8 su
> ii  libnewt0       0.50.17-7.3    Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit - text mode win

That's severely bizarre.  Why would it work when you have libnewt0,
libnewt-utf8-pic installed?  libnewt-utf8-pic should be in fact
depending on libnewt-utf8-0 (exact versioned depend).  I just filed a
serious bug for this.

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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